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Mr. Vishnu Prakash Goenka

Mr. Vishnu Prakash Goenka

Founder and CMD

Textiles has always played a very important role in Indian economy. India has always maintained its niche as a Global player and a most prominent one among developing economies.

We at The Pashupati Group of Industries consciously endeavor to build upon quality textiles with a concern to our stakeholders.

We started our efforts in 1979 and has continually strived to produce quality products with the manufacturing of Woven fabrics and Bags, Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre, Synthetic yarns, Master Batches and Polyester Chips. Today Pashupati is a leading name in Recycled Polyester fiber and woven fabrics in India. With robust manufacturing and quality control procedures, Pashupati is one of the fastest growing group in this field in India. The group is focusing to cater the demand from south India and different parts of Globe and has initiated to setup RPSF, Spinning , Knitting & Processing plant for same.

We understand the corporate social responsibilities which grows parallel to one’s industrial growth. We are continuously contributing to provide healthcare and education to needy people by our associations with various educational and healthcare institutions and NGOs and are always open to contribute further for such noble concerns.

Textile is one of the critical sector from pollution point of view and thus we adhere to strictest quality control measures and Zero Liquid Discharge from our plant(s) to ensure environmental safety. We have recycled more than 40 billion PET Bottles in one of our plant and thus have stopped their land filing thereby contributing towards safer environment. We are also diversifying into modern Agricultural concepts with a concern to contribute to better environment.
Our companies have secured necessary and desired certifications which is a statement of the company’s complete commitment to excellence and ultimately to ensure total customer satisfaction. Pashupati group is having a vision to provide all round solution in Textile sector. The group is expanding its existing capacities to meet the demand of its valued clients and further diversifying into Spinning, Looms, Dyeing & Processing to provide complete product range starting from PET Bottles to Fibre to Yarn to Fabric to Finished Fabric/cloth to cater the needs of industry under one umbrella.
I would like to extend my gratitude to all our stakeholders, including customers, lenders and our loyal, hard working and committed team, for their continued support and faith in the Company.

Board of Directors

It is said that a company is as good as its leadership. Pashupati is also no different. The credit of company’s significant growth and success goes to its highly qualified and experienced leadership. The directors of the company board are veterans from the industry who lead and empower the spirit of hard work and dedication.

Mr. Bankey Bihari Goenka

Mr. Bankey Bihari Goenka

Managing Director Pashupati Group
Mr. Piyush Kumar Goenka

Mr. Piyush Kumar Goenka

Director Pashupati Group
Mr. Nitin Agarwal

Mr. Nitin Agarwal

Chief Strategy Officer Pashupati Group
Pashupati Group

Pashupati Excrusion Pvt. Ltd. - is globally recognized as the emerging producer of exceptional rPET chips using partial chemical recycling.

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