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Pashupati Extrusions Pvt. Ltd. is a growing name in PET Chips and granuals in India. The company is a medium sized manufacturing organization for producing”high quality of PET chips by PET Recycling.” The company was established in the year 2017, with an installed production capacity of 11000 tons per annum. The company is situated in Kashipur, the renowned industrial township of Uttarakhand state in Northern India.
We have been manufacturing PET Chips as per buyers’ requirements. Within a very short span of time and under able guidance of our promoters, we are now able to cater to the large requirements of our valued customers all over world. We have been regularly supplying chips to various leading users for different applications.

Manufacturing Process

The balancing stream of the polymer melt from polycondensation section is discharged through metering pumps to the casting head. The molten ribbons coming out of the casting head are taken on the cooling chambers of chips cutter where the molten ribbons are cooled by chilled DM water system. the dried solidified polymer ribbons are then cut in chip cutter and dried in the dryer. the dried chips are then passed through the classifier. the properly cut chips are stored in chips silo. the chips are conveyed to the bagging silo bagging.





Pashupati Group

Pashupati Excrusion Pvt. Ltd. - is globally recognized as the emerging producer of exceptional rPET chips using partial chemical recycling.

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